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A/N: Please feel free to tell me if there is anything wrong in my fictions. Be it how I spell your name, grammar, spelling, etc. I won't kill you with my death hanger so don't you worry.

Oh, last but not least,

Leave your souls behind please... ^^

BOO!'s not so BIG INTRO!!!


This is BOO! here and well, yeah. This is me.

Hi all of you nice nice souls out there who took out time to visit my LJ.
The name's BOO! but and I'm the creater of this very LJ. Though I'm not good at graphic *sobs* I'll try and make this LJ as bearable as possible.

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I'm quite a boring person so there's nothing much to do.
I'm also quite a non-artistic person so please understand that I'm not good with graphic posters.
I'm still 15 so I can't say my English is awesome, as such, I accept all kinds of critics.

Lastly, I'm not making my journal F-lock because I don't see a point to.

So if you're interested, do add me and it would be better if you can comment and introduce yourself (how do I address you, which country are you from, who is your bias be it from Jpop or Kpop, etc.).

If you have a TWITTER account, feel free to add me too! ^^

Why, we can all be international friend! ^^


Pictures credits go to my younger sister. She drew these all right. I love her SO SO MUCH!



Apparently I need to make some .GIF files for a certain project in school. And the problem is, I've never done a .GIF before and I have no idea how to make one. So if anyone can be kind enough to help me, I'll be ever grateful!



I just watched Hunger Games with three of my friends today. So while the plot is still fresh in my head, I'll write a very short overview of the movie. Those who have read the book, I apologise for wanting to write a review.


Okay, in short, after a past rebellion, in order to warn the other districts of plotting against the Capitol, one boy and one girl aged between 12 to 18 from every of the 12 districts will be chosen to participate in the annual Hunger Games. The rules are simple. Fight till only one remains standing, and the winner will bring honour and glory to his or her own district.


When Katniss Everdeen's younger sister was chosen to be the tribute (a.k.a. a participant) for District 12, Katniss volunteered in her place. So along with Peeta Mellark, a baker's son, the two went to the Capitol in preparation for the Hunger Games.


I admit the starting was a little draggy. First was the grand entrance of the tributes and the pair from District 12 wore clothing with fake fire that makes them look as if their clothes are on fire! (I hope next year's fashion trend won't be having clothes on fire. I'll die!) Then comes the training and it lasted for quite a while... then we have the talkshow that is specially for the Hunger Games where the MC with blue hair (it's normal. Everyone living in the Capitol has different colour hair and they all look like clowns with thick makeups and bizarre coloured clothing. Even the 'maids' have thick makeup while wearing red uniforms) will talk to each tribute infront of a crowd who might be potential sponsors of these tributes once they play the game. This is also the scene where Peeta tells the people that he has a crush on Katniss. Apparently she isn't very happy with the confession since she thought it was just a ploy for him to win the audience heart that might encourage them to send food, medicine or anything they need during the game.


THEN FINALLY, comes the official game and so, the tributes were brought to an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol where 11 out of the 24 tributes were killed on just the very first day. Thanks to a few tips from a previous survivor of the Hunger Games, as well as her trained hunting and outdoor skills, Katniss was able to prevent herself from getting killed.


While the story develops, it gets sad when Rue, a young girl that reminds Katniss of her younger sister, dies. I almost cried but my stubborn tears refuse to drop. It gets damn annoying when the Capitol people starts sending dogs in the middle of the night to chew people up. Seriously, they seem freaking happy sending man-eating bulldogs after people. =_=


I shall stop here since I'm starting to feel lazy. I'm super sorry... mainly because I just finished a birthday cake.


Yes!!! It's Ryutaro's birthday cake!!! I bought a cake just for him!!!


Just kidding... it's my papa's birthday. Lucky for him, his birthday falls on my idol's birthday. :(


Here's the cover of the card that my siblings and I made for him.

We decided that we're done with colour papers for card every year so I chose black and immediately we thought of this. ~\(≧▽≦)/~</p>

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Today, I went to watched RUNWAY☆BEAT for the second time. The first time, I watched it with two of my best friend and today, I watched it with my younger sister.
Overall, I love it. This movie mixed friendship with fashion, a theme that is quite refreshing to me because let me tell you, not many high school students are able to pull off a fashion show for their graduation ceremony.
So before I become too annoying by ranting, let me introduce the main cast that forms the .

Starting from the left: Kiritani Mirei, Sakuraba Nanami(lead girl), Seto Koji(lead guy), Tanaka Kei, Imalu

To me, this movie is really worth watching because of the hidden meaning behind it, that is, 'you can change as long you have the heart to.' I'll WARN you that this is going to be quite a spoiler.

In this movie, the lead guy BEAT (Seto Koji), went through ups and downs. His father who wasn't there for him and his mother when she passed away when he was a child, as well as his childhood friend, Kirara, who is suffering from some terminal disease. He was a transfer students and made friends with the other four students. First he transformed Wanda (Tanaka Kei) from a nerd to the coolest guy in class (I still think BEAT is cooler XP) and after gaining the support of his new classmates who admires his designs, they decided to do a fashion show with BEAT being the designer and Miki (Kiritani Mirei) as the lead model. In the process of preparing for the fashion show, the students receive horrible news about the school closing down and if that wasn't bad enough, BEAT was later accused of copying designs from WORLDXMODE, a fashion label Miki works under. This causesw the everyone in class to lose the enthusiasm in continuing with the fashion show. I won't say how they picked themselves up again but trust me, if you watch it, you'll get see Koji-kun's upper body BARE! It was funny cause his father just came in and went, "take off your shirt." JUST LIKE THAT! HIS FATHER IS SO EPIC!!! XP
This show mixes a bit of romance of BEAT and Mei (Sakuraba Nanami) as well as Miki and Wanda. ^^

For those girls who loves fashion, this is one movie you CANNOT miss. I repeat. CANNOT MISS! Towards the end of the movie, the fashion show planned by these students came out great and IT LOOKS PROFESSIONAL!

To me, this movie is not just a movie. It's also a way to remember this very special year because in this movie, the students are graduating with a fashion show and they are doing it together as a class. I, too, am graduating this year, so though this is my second time watching this, I still ask myself after the movie ended, 'what do I want to do with my class this year so that we could forever remember this very significant year that we have led together?'

So to those who have watched this movie, have you ever considered this question?




I know I haven't been posting for long but... I DON'T CARE!!!
Today is a rare once-in-four-years-day so I WILL POST!!!
My LJ might be dead but who cares?! I don't. Since I don't post lots of pictures, I shall post some. Not about HSJ since a lot of others are able to post that, but I'll be posting about Yoo Seung Ho instead. ^^ He's a 1993 too so he should be fun to watch. ^^

I just LOVE the jacket! Wish my own jacket could have this awesome colour gradient.

Next are pictures from the drama that he starred in and I LOVE IT!!! DANG I LOVE IT!!! He acted as the antagonist and damn! He does it so well that I cried!!! TT^TT (You guys should watch it too. It's called Warrior Baek Dong Soo. It's definitely worth watching. It taught me so much!)

He looks freaking cool with the bamboo stick. I have one bamboo stick at home too and I tried his pose. Dang! My muscle thighs almost rip! *ouch*

He looks too cute to be an assassin! <3

Mind you, that's a REAL horse. Just like how 
Chii rode a REAL mowing machine iScrap Teacher. One reason why I want to be an actress. I get to ride a horse for free!

Sorry if I can't post too many pictures since I have an essay that I have to rush for tomorrow. :(

FUNFACT: Seung Ho acted as the same role as Yamapi in God of Study, the Korean version of Dragon Zakura. Now, he is also filming the SAME role as Yamapi again in the Korean version of Proposal Daisakusen. The drama is called Operation Proposal. See? I LOVE HIM CAUSE HE'S SO FATED TO BE RELATED TO YAMAPI IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!! ^^

That's all for today! THANKS!!! ^^

Oh, and did I mention that I got a pair of free tickets to RUNWAY☆BEAT today!!! The movie just aired in Singapore not long ago!!! ^^ I WAS SO HAPPY!!! HAHA! But last Sunday I've already watched it with my friends and I told one of them: "If I get those free tickets, I'll come and watch again. If you want, I'll bring you with me and we can go crazy over Seto Koji together." HAHA!
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?

Mouse. squeaks?



Title: Saved
Author: talktoyourpet
Pairings: Morimoto Ryutaro X OC [Kanaresu Saeko]
Guest Starring: 
Nishii Yukito [class representative]; Kanyon (S/mileage) [classmate]
Rating: PG  
Warning: None
Everything seems perfect for Saeko – an awesome class fieldtrip organized by the class alone. But things did not go so well when Saeko’s best friend, Kanyon, challenged her into catching fishes at a nearby lake.

Requested By: lovelycanales


Probably my last project of 2012...Collapse )


Okay... just a short note. My letter 'c' can't work so if you happen to find any c-less words, do forgive me.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUMA!!! I first saw you in Akuma no Koi and I was thinking to myself: 'this kid is so EMO! He suits this role so WELL!' I love all your dramas. I mean it. After you dyed your hair and now, straightened it, you look even more dashing!

I love your straight hair! You look so... calm... ^^ I love you so so much!

Second, I'm starting to get jealous. :(
Yuma! You got the same birthday as my COUSIN!!! YES! MY BABY COUSIN WHO WAS BORN TODAY! ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! WHY?!?!?! WHY?!?!? sigh... I'm jealous over a baby... TT.TT

Third, I really feel like killing cdjapan.. I ordered NYC's Wonderful Cupid Limited Edition, but on the day when it arrived it Singapore and my friend who helped me to receive it, opened it up to find that it was the REGULAR EDITION INSTEAD! Hello? You could at least be kind enough to tell me you don't have stock right? Just because you don't have stock and sent me a regular version, causing me to LOSE MY PRECIOUS CALENDAR!!! >:(

I know today's ranting is a bore but I just felt the need to. ^^ I won't be up anytime soon but I will try... don't expe
ct too much though... I really don't have the time to be writing anything now... :(


BYE BYE 2011 AND HELLO 2012!

Yo guys! I decided to post this EXACTLY at 2012 at 00:00. ^^ but I guess I'm late... giving out monetary rewards at this time totally took this off my mind. :(

So 2011 has been a productive year for me because I met lots of friends, had lots of ups-and-downs, but everyone stood by me here on LJ (I think?) and yeah... ^^

I could still remember the time when Ryutaro got suspended. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the news online, but I had to. I just hope that he would be back soon. Afterall, his suspended period is over right?

Next, HSJ released two singles this year and I (very luckily) got one of them. ^^

Of course, I wish for 2012 to be a smooth year (as smooth as possible please!!!) because I've been on LJ for a year already! Time flies!!! ^^ I could still remember last year during 2 August 2010, I decided to open up an LJ to post my fictions. Since then, I've done 9 oneshots and 3 multi-chap fictions. I want to sent my MOST SINCERE THANKS to all my readers who supported me throughout these past year. ^^ You guys mean so much to me. I'm serious. I'm sorry for going on a hiatus. *bows* I always told usagi_goes_pyon that I'm addicted to LJ and now it's time I pull myself out from my addiction for real. ^^ I have drafts for three multi-chap fictions which I will try to complete once I come back. ^^ If any of you wants to contact me, you can message me at boo.time@hotmail.com (oh, and please do leave your LJ username so that I'm not left scratching my head when I see your message).

Now I have to go grab the sparkling juice for my family. ^^




Today's the last day of 2011... somehow, I'm not so excited about it... I have no idea why... Maybe it's because of these following reasons?

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